Learn about the most prevalent parasites that might find their way onto OR into your pet, potentially infest your home and maybe the rest of your family. Along with identifying these pests, their appearance and preferred habitats, you can be informed on the diseases, health impacts and general advice on preventing infestations and infections.
As always, consult your veterinarian for professional advice regarding the risk for your pets and precautions you should consider.
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Ticks continue to be a growing concern in Canada. The diseases
they can transmit are significant threats to pets and people. Lyme disease is a current concern in Canada that is transmitted by the Blacklegged tick.

Fleas can infest your pet and your home. A flea infestation in your home is difficult to eradicate so prevention is key. Ask your veterinarian about the right flea prevention product for your pet.

Heartworm is a parasitic worm that is transmitted to dogs and cats through a bite from an infected mosquito. The resulting disease is a serious and potentially life-threatening condition. Treatment is expensive, complex and potentially risky. Prevention is key.

Gastrointestinal parasites can be acquired at birth and adult pets can pick up worms eggs or larvae in the environment. Ask your veterinarian for a product that protects your pet.
Check back here in the future for updated information outlining other pet health concerns that your veterinary clinic can address including: vaccination, the importance of testing, skin issues and nutrition.

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