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We value our clients' experience.

If your pet or animal is currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view. We strive to do our best to reach your expectations and deeply value your comments to help us be better at serving you and your furry best friends. Thank you in taking some time to improve our quality of service!

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Dr Sam, Dr Matt and team at Beaches-Fallingbrook Veterinary Clinic


  • "★★★★★
    I can’t tell you how grateful we are that we have such awesome vets! Your patience, communication, and above-and-beyond care is just incredible, and I know Hammie and Bear are in great hands."
    Jenna W.
  • "★★★★★
    Thank you! I’ve used other home vets but you are by far the best."
    Nadine G.
  • "★★★★★
    HIGHLY recommend. Very nice clinic and the kindest most caring people; from the doctors to the Vet Assistant you can tell they are coming from the heart. I took my kitty to Dr. Matt. He is an amazing person and very knowledgeable. Took such good care of her and calls to see how she is doing. He treated her for an ear infection and then did some dental work on her. Kept her overnight and didn't even charge me - just wanted to make sure she would be ok. Wow. They run everything past you ahead of time so no surprises. Reasonable prices, and he only suggests what you need. I give them an A+++. So happy I found this clinic and Dr. Matt !!! 😊"
    Susanna S. on Facebook
  • "★★★★★
    Absolutely the best vet I have ever been to. Extremely companionate at our time of need.
    Very thankful for everything they had done and helped us through.
    Thank you again for everything."
    L. Baldassarra
  • "★★★★★
    I went to Dr. Matt after my previous vet gave me a quote for proposed treatment of my elderly cat. Since I wouldn't be able to afford the treatment, I went to Dr. Matt for a second opinion on the recommendation of a co-worker who also used to go to my previous vet. Dr. Matt gave me a totally different diagnosis which was proven right after a blood test, he charged about half less for the visit, and he gave me no-nonsense advice and expectations for the future of my cat. He even gave me some free good-quality cat food which my very finicky cat likes. Needless to say, we now have a new vet."
    Dani P.
  • "★★★★★
    This has to be the most personable vets I've ever been to. I never felt more comfortable leaving my baby in someone else's hands. I brought my Lou in and he was very sick and not himself, they found out Lou needed a emergency neutering. When I came to pick him he was right back to his normal happy little guy tht he is :). Thank you so much falling brook ,Louie and I both appreciate everything so much"
    Brandy Donaldson
  • "★★★★★
    This was the best experience I had with a Veterinarian. My dog got diagnosed and I had very precise advises. I definitely recommend Beaches Fallingbrook clinic."
    Nima P.
  • "★★★★★ 7 months ago
    It's rare to see both doctor and staff be this friendly to my little guy🐕. They gave some nice advice👌😊👌."
    Babak Barzegar
  • "★★★★★
    best service i have ever had !
    the veterinarians are very patient and trustworthy, i definitely recommend to take your pet at this clinic."
    S. Eshvandi on Google
  • "★★★★★
    After searching a long while for a vet that both myself and my dogs were comfortable we stumbled upon the doctors at Beaches-Fallingbrook Veterinary clinic. Let me say this the prices are amazing but he is even more amazing. My dogs are not the easiest going and can get very anxious especially at the vets. The doctors made them very comfortable and helped them relax by talking to them instead of just trying to get the appointment over with like many of my previous vets would do. They take the time to explain things to me further and would even call me back late saturday and sunday nights (the clinic is closed on those days) to answer questions if I was having a problem with one of them. I will continue going to Beaches-Fallingbrook Veterinary clinic and strongly recommend anyone searching for a new vet to look into this clinic... amazing"
    Vetratingz user
  • "★★★★★
    Today is my first visit to the Beaches - Fallingbrook Vet Clinic. I am blown away by their extremely professional and kind service. First, my dog has a serious eye infection and they were able to fit me in for a same day visit. Secondly, Dr. Sam was very knowledgeable and patient in answering all my questions about my dog's eyes and other health matters common to a 13-year old dog. Most importantly, my dog has behavioral issues and do not like to be touched. Both Dr. Sam and Maria, the Vet Assistant were most understanding and gently worked with my dog. I also found the charges very reasonable for such professional, caring and compassionate service! Highly recommended. Thank you Dr. Sam and Maria!"
    Angela Y. on Yelp
  • "★★★★★
    We started taking our cat to Dr Matt after a friend told us about a really great experience she had at this clinic with her cat, and we have been very happy. Our cat has some complicated chronic problems, and Dr Matt has spent a lot of time helping us understand the details. We were also able to get one of the meds we use in a form that is easier to administer than the one we got from our previous vet. We highly recommend Beaches-Fallingbrook Veterinary Clinic for their kind, thorough and knowledgeable approach to pet care."
    Anne E. on Yelp
  • "★★★★★
    I have been going there not only my cats, my 2 dogs but my bosses cat. Dr. Matt has also been so good to families I have referred. He and everyone there are kind and very reasonable. I love beaches Falling brook Dr Matt and all."
    Cindy Monk-Fuller on Facebook
  • "★★★★★
    The best vet clinic I have ever been to. The only Dr to cure my dogs issues. I can't recommend this place enough!!!!!"
    Ionie Watkins on Facebook
  • "★★★★★
    Wonderful Vet! The staff are very kind and knowledgeable, explained all aspects of the required treatment to me so I would feel comfortable and prices were very fair!"
    Jordana SB on Facebook
  • "★★★★★
    I am switching to this clinic after visiting for a second opinion. Very friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and affordable."
    Irene Foitl on FAcebook
  • "★★★★★
    Nice to find a vet that isn't part of a large conglomerate! Good service, gentle touch."
    Diane Morgan on Facebook
  • "★★★★★
    Very satisfied! So our dog got really sick Saturday night and worse on Sunday. Everywhere including our own vet was closed. We had 3 options, ER (hate vet ERs, just take your money and send you home), another clinic (wanted to charge me $200 bucks just for an assessment!!! and quoted me with a battery of tests over the phone which would have gone over a thousand, so my alarm bells went off) and this clinic. I chose them because they charged the same assessment fee as my own vet and we had no other choice. I am so glad that we came to see Dr. Sam, he explained everything and was not too hasty to offer tests and stuff. Overall his prices were comparable to my own vet and fair. He followed up the next day to check on us and we couldn't be happier with the level of care and compassion. Thank you Dr. Matt & Dr. Sam!"
    JS M on Google
  • "★★★★★
    Friendly, nice people"
    Robert Metcalfe on Google
  • "★★★★★
    Our little pup had diarrhea for a couple of days and then I thought I saw some blood in one of the movements so we decided to get him to a vet asap. Called this vet and they got him in right away and did an amazing job making us feel comfortable and very reassuring that it was not serious. We are moving are pup to this vet full time because of how great they were."
    Dan Jackson on Google
  • "★★★★★
    Most amazing Dr's and staff !! Highly recommended"
    Govin Panday on Google
  • "★★★★★
    Dr. Matt and Dr. Sam offer both affordable and compassionate care for the pets in our community. They have been an integral part of the pet care offered to Redemption Paws, a not for profit natural disaster pet relief organization, with the medical care offered for pets brought to Canada after natural disaster strikes. We are all so thankful for their dedication to all pets."
    Denise Angus on Google
  • "★★★★★
    Most caring and professional vets. Thank you."
    Asiya Hirji on Google
  • "★★★★★
    Highly recommended. I've tried multiple vets in the GTA and this location is by far the best one I've been to. Great prices, knowledgeable, and quick to answer any of your question by email."
    Mik Kukulsky on Google
  • "★★★★★
    Everyone has been so welcoming and nice. They really pay attention and deliver according to what your pet's needs are. Thanks to everyone at Beaches Fallingbrook vet clinic especially to Dr. Sam for taking care of our Dollar!"
    Lora Tigno on Google
  • "★★★★★
    Excellent. Skilled, Reliable, Curtious and so Helpful."
    Dav Canada on Google
  • "★★★★★
    Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable, they gave me great advice for my cat who wasn't behaving normally and now he's a happy, healthy cat ☺🐱"
    Hayley Glanfield on Google
  • "★★★★★
    I won't be going anywhere else."
    Karina Visser on Google
  • "★★★★★
    Amazing vets, trustworthy and honest."
    Jonathan Horseman on Google
  • "★★★★★
    Thank you so much to Dr. Matt and Dr. Sam for their caring compassion when my beloved 15 year old Bichon, Scooby, had to be put down. I did not want his last few minutes on earth to be afraid in the clinic, so they came to my home to administer the drugs. He was on the sofa with his head on my lap, and although I’m heartbroken to lose him, it was a peaceful way to go in surroundings that were familiar and comfortable for him. When Scooby was gone, they gave me a private time to say goodbye and never made me feel that I had to rush. I’m very grateful that such a hard thing to do was done as painlessly as possible I will continue to use their services with my two remaining dogs, Edie and Willis."
    Robin Siegerman on Facebook
  • "★★★★★
    We just wanted to publicly thank Beaches Fallingbrook Veterinary Clinic for the best service.
    One of our dogs lost his appetite and threw up twice, we called them at 6pm(They close at 7, I believe) and was given the green light to come as soon as possible. This made us feel relieved already, we are a very busy family and time is something that we don’t have, not to mention we couldn’t wait to get our puppy checked.
    We were seen right away, got diagnosed with Colitis. We have to give him antibiotics and probiotics for the next week and was assured that he was gonna be okay!
    We are just so thankful for their great service! Highly recommended!"
    Cecilia Noon on Facebook
  • "★★★★★
    In just a couple of months, I have built a relationship with both Dr. Matt and Dr. Sam and I am comfortable with both of them. The first time I went in, without a dog, it was to vet the vets, as I had heard good things about them and they are in my neighbourhood. They answered all my questions and we ended up talking for about 15 minutes. I enjoyed the visit and decided I would take my animals there. Coincidentally, shortly after that, I adopted a dog from a rescue who had been seen at the clinic and I continued bringing him there for his treatments and care. I particularly like the fact that one of them stays in the clinic overnight, if they have an animal there who might need help."
    Linda Quigley on Facebook
  • "★★★★★
    this is an amazing clinic - so professional and amazing service! our kitty, Matsumoto ,is not the best when it comes to vet visits but the vets here are so patient and thorough. so happy this clinic is in the neighborhood!"
    Reesha Nic on Facebook
  • "★★★★★
    I have nothing but nice things to say! Excellent thought out care for our dogs. Wonderful staff all around. One of the best vet clinics in the city."
    Nicole Simone on Facebook
  • "★★★★★
    Thank you Dr. Matt and Dr. Sam came to my house in such short notice. And thank you so much give us time to say our goodbyes to Buster. And you make him leave comfortable and in peace."
    Paulina Kho on Facebook

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